Nobody Talks About This

Difficult to Easy.

“If you do what is easy, your life will be hard.”

“If you do what is hard, you life will be easy.”

Champions don’t win one championship to become the best in history. They win millions of little fights, mental and physical. Don’t make that excuse that everyone has different opportunities; let the lazy people make excuses. Arnold could have slept in, skipped days, skipped meals or left the gym early. If you think Arnold woke up every day pissing excellence feeling great, or if you don’t think Matt Fraiser had people telling him he wasn’t going to succeed or things weren’t going to work out for him, you are mistaken.

The only difference is consistency, execution, and eventually mastery; because no one is born with these advantages, they equate to success. One saying in life is true,” If you do what is easy, your life will be hard.” For every roadblock in life, you have friends, sleep, work, depression or whatever it is that can always break you down or build you up. Simply because of how you look at difficult. You can change the way you see it, by changing how you look at it. You should smile every time you find something difficult; hell you should laugh at it because this is just the beginning of your trials and tribulations. You need each and every win, each and every step to get to the next level.

How do I Change?

The struggle to get up out of bed can be painful if you don’t know what you want. People like to look at the distance between where they are today and where they aspire to be. This causes people to want to change their routine drastically overnight but, realistic long-term change is the goal. Humans love homeostasis, routine, and our comfort. Everyone, not just you thinks they deserve more. That’s fine, that’s how our brains work and that’s normal. A small percent of us, however, actually need more than normal. This is where the “tipping point” occurs; because our brains guide the way we think to be more subtle, gentle and less radical. Success is not subtle and champions are not gentle.

When these life-changing moments are in front of us most people aren’t ready; because it’s not in most peoples routines, most people aren’t conditioned, haven’t trained and not practiced. These are the same people that didn’t get out of bed in time and wonder why they’re late. These type of people still show up, but wonder why they lose. These type of people work out but only give 50%. You have to start building your mental strength routinely just like your body or you start to lose it.

If you chose to lose at every morning, lift, job or to back-down; it’s because you hesitated, got scared and let your brain find an excuse. You have to own up to the choices you make and honor them like they honor you. If you want a more honorable life, you know you have to make more honorable choices. You don’t have to know that you going to win; because you know that you’re not gonna lose and that’s enough. The difference between the champions and losers is giving your brain no option besides forward. Mentally acknowledging your backs against the wall and you’re going f***ing forward; end of the conversation, time to execute.

How vs why

You don’t have to understand how to grow or build; you just need to move in your own direction for whatever your reason is. I guarantee if you let the world determine your next move you’ll be in the same spot or worse next year. Find whatever it is inside of you that makes you. This is something maybe you’re excited about when you wake up and thinking about when you go to sleep. Now, this doesn’t have to be a clear picture, just an idea or framework to keep you grounded, structured and focused. It can literally be just a word or saying that has a meaning to you.

Now we’ve created people who are starving for change and hungry more. Your hunger doesn’t disappear when it’s raining, when you’re tired or when you’re sad, or even when you’re lonely. Hold that feeling close and don’t forget it; so that when your down at your lowest wanting to roll over and die, you can call upon that hunger; because that hunger is still there growing. That’s a gift, that’s a drive to do today what others will not; so tomorrow you can have what they can not. 

It’s 80% mental and 20% how-to that stops people from getting things done. You may not know exactly how to do it, but stop psyching yourself out and just go for it. You don’t need a how if your why is strong enough; because it will carry you through the hard times. Continue to give 100% in everything you do so that way it carries over into your life you never know where it will take you.


Wordpress Summary

Effective tools?

WordPress promotion tools offer a lot of control over who views your page. Convergence is made easy by putting all the basic formats available in WordPress. Links are easy to establish between site and social also, they require little upkeep. Now colors and font are easy to manipulate and page customization is simple. The new update really brought a lot of tools.

No tools weren’t effective.


With the site becoming so advanced it needs an app for stats and an app for posting/ customization. If they added an app development side of the company that would be interesting. Setting up a streamlined Paypal method would be good for business. Having access to premium analytics would be nice. An upgraded auto-tweet that does it correctly should be here.


Altogether WordPress has given me the tools to run and a site. Data tools give reader demographic information. Communication systems give feedback and information for marketing interest. It allows for smart use of jetpack promotions. You could very well use WordPress to start a company site.

The most popular week was November 12th. With 118 views and 42 visits.

The most popular post was Nutrition 2.0 with 30 views probably because of how common an issue it is.

On Twitter surprisingly Nutrition 2.0 had a reach of 1,300 with an engagement of 104.



Screen shot of stats.

$5 Secrets You Should Know

Guys, with 2019 right around the corner you should level up your skills. With all the tools and knowledge available there is no way you should let pain get in your way. If you’re like me and you don’t like to take pain pills then I’ve got your fix. Unlike pills, therapy is not an overnight fix. This is a gradual positive change that does work.

Joint Pain

If you experience knee, ankle or elbow pain it could be a number of things. The main reoccurring issue people have is a buildup of scar tissue that can easily be fixed with a floss band. Simply wrap the band around your joint at %50 stretch and move it through a range of motion. A floss band also doubles as a rotator cuff warm-up band.

Back Pain

Foam rolling was once looked down on as voodoo but has since shown great scientific evidence to support use. Foam rolling has proven to promote blood flow and break down scar tissue. It is believed to help maintain muscle length, reduce soreness, increase range of motion, and speed recovery. The technique is called myofascial release. Basically, this means relaxed muscles, more blood flow/ nutrients, and faster recovery. Next year you’ll end up with hundreds of hours of self-massage which saves you time, money and pain. 

Trigger points

Trigger points “knots” are caused by mental stress, over-use, injury or posture. Untreated trigger points can last forever, and cause “referred” pain or numbness in other general areas. This can cause a loss of range of motion which leads to imbalances. Getting creative and finding new angles to roll out muscles can cause a release of built-up tension. Usually, this is the fastest, most-effective but painful way to go about it.

Tens Therapy

This little tool is like a pocket massage therapist. For around $30 this gadget is a must-have for any athlete. Nothing is better than after a long leg workout hooking up my legs and back to one of these units. With that being said this is still mainly a recovery device and should be used alongside preventative measures. This way we aren’t just treating the symptoms but also the causes.

Bulletproof Your Squat

Trying to get up to a 500-pound squat or add inches to your legs takes dedication and a rigorous training schedule. If you’re serious about your legs then you need to take your core serious as well. Nothing is worse than seeing someone wear a belt during power reps and still be unable to maintain proper posture.

If you’re unable to maintain proper alignment during all your lifts then you place yourself at higher risk for spine problems in the future. The first movement you need to stop doing if you plan on lifting heavy is bent-over toe touches. This movement weakens the ability to stabilize and places unneeded stress on the disks. Instead, perform strict form RDLs slowly progressing into weight to warm-up the legs. Another movement that should be in everyone’s routine is back extensions.

The purpose of the spine erectors is to hold and maintain stability. The purpose of the abdomen is to increase thoracic pressure to maintain stability as well. Using a belt takes on the role of these muscles and deactivates them from working at max potential; which causes weak points to fail during heavy lifts. If you’re still thinking you need a belt to not hurt you back on squat chances are you’re lifting too much.

If there was a magic movement it would be the hip bridge. Now, this is more like a magic test; because it puts your posterior in an exposed position for weak, tight, overactive and inactive muscles. Lifting each leg will isolate and make it easy to feel for imbalances. If your quads/hamstrings are doing most the work and your glutes are weak, or any combination this will find it so you can address it and fix it.

The knees caving in or shaking is a common issue when lifting heavy weight in untrained individuals. This may be from opposing muscle tightness, or weak glutes. Glutes get far less attention than needed even though biomechanically they are the strongest muscle in the body. You can work on Glutes with hip thrusters which require a stable core. Incorporating quality isometric power-band work turns on those lateral stabilizers that tend to get fatigued.

The bar should follow a straight line from the ground over your heels. Depending on your height and build your knees may go past your feet. If you’re unable to get into full-depth without rounding you back, and you’ve already done everything in this article check for ankle and hip mobility. Place your foot a few inches away from a wall then drive your knee forward to touch the wall. Try each knee to feel for imbalances. Finally, try a wider/different position if you have hip mobility issues.

Keto-Diet A Death Wish

You shouldn’t increase your risk for all-cause mortality for a fad diet.

Definition of Ketosis? A metabolic state characterized by raised levels of ketone bodies in the body tissues, which is typically pathological in conditions such as diabetes, or may be the consequence of a diet that is very low in carbohydrates.

The theory behind the Keto diet (est. 1924) was Eating carbohydrates increase insulin which increases hunger and cause the body to store fat.

People generally assume if that was the case then avoid insulin at all cost because it’s a fat storing hormone. You shouldn’t be scared of fat since muscles need some level of fat to avoid degeneration during endurance task. Essentially what you’re doing is depriving your body of the main energy source. Basically, you’ve convinced your body that there is a shortage of energy or Kcals. Pushing your body into ketosis looking for other energy sources within the body. Think of ketosis like a car running out of gas, and expecting it to run on whatever gas is left inside.

So what does this mean?

No matter what minuscule fat-burning benefits are being marketed to you; guys, this shit is not healthy for you. I repeat this shit is bad! Unless you are diabetic. Diabetics need to control their insulin, blood glucose, and blood sugar so they avoid carbs at all cost; because they turn into sugar. Instead choosing fats for energy; however, when fats are burned they release ketones.

Your body is the best at maintaining homeostasis of all these processes. Protein and fat actually have an effect on your blood glucose and insulin resistance as well; unless you are diabetic don’t worry. If you are interested in the exact science read here.

Stay with me now

A build-up of ketones can change your chemical balance in your blood and dehydrate. Healthy people don’t normally use ketones, because they have enough insulin. Ketosis can occur in a low-calorie or exercise rich environment. Ketosis usually kicks in around a week of avoiding carbs, but can occur quicker with fasting or exercising.

  1. You would die without insulin
  2. Insulin is the most powerful anabolic hormone (stronger than GH&TEST)
  3. Insulin moves glucose into tissue for energy/storage
  4. Insulin moves fatty acids into tissue for energy/storage
  5. Insulin moves amino acids into the tissue to synthesize new protein/energy


For any type of athlete to avoid insulin would be like avoiding water. Not to mention your brain can only run on glucose. Now if we started injected above normal levels of insulin we would have a whole new set of problems so don’t get any bright ideas.

Most people who follow any type of nutrition-deficiency based diet end up immediately putting that weight back on when they stop.  This is because the body’s survival instincts make us act like a sponge; if your body lacks carbs it will hold on to them harder and longer when it gets them. Making your fat-loss workouts inefficient. This makes perfect sense after you understand this is truly a diabetic diet.

You are not helping your body by eating someone else’s diet. If you truly think you are diabetic, boarder-line, or just want to know your insulin sensitivity, go talk to your doctor to prevent long-term effects. The negative side effects of Keto are endless just look it up. There aren’t any long-term scientific studies on Keto dieting either, because it’s so detrimental to your health.

So, next time your friend is talking about the Keto diet, you can slap them up the head with some science because now you know.

Nutrition 2.0

If the recommended 2000-cals for woman and 2500-cals for men hasn’t been working for you then you’re not alone. By now you probably know the basics; recommendations aren’t magic numbers, and everybody is different. It may take weeks to find the perfect diet, but it’s fine Rome wasn’t built overnight. Protein: 4 cals .5-1 gram […]

Harvard Health Publishing

When it comes to controlled experiments and precise testing Harvard has their stuff together. Covering every subject you can think of from focus, muscle, and nutrition. Just about every study comes to a clear conclusion with research to prove why. I like the writer’s style also, giving in-depth information without over explaining.

Screenshot (1)

However, the scope of topics is limited to dangerous health related problems and some articles you must be logged in. There is not much to find covering applied muscle gain or fat loss. They use a problem solving format that addresses health and pain issues. This is not a bad thing depending on your needs, but if you are having back pain or arthritis Harvard Health Publishing will have the answers.

Screenshot (5).png

Healthy people may look elsewhere for exercises, nutrition plans, and advanced training. If you are advanced and know what you’re looking for you can still find very good information. There are many articles on effects of fasting and Paleo diets that should clear up most of the confusion.

Overall the site is set up well and formatted easy to read.


Size Vs. Power Vs. Endurance

Types of Training Goals

  1. Size or (hypertrophy) is talking about forcing the body to build bigger muscle fibers and connective tissues. This is caused by maximum tissue damage.
  2. Power or (strength) is concerned with generating the most force possible. By training your neuromuscular pathways to recruit more muscle per se. Usually in power lifts like deadlift, squat and power clean.
  3. Endurance is training your muscles to fatigue less quickly. High output sports like cycling or jogging.


Training for Size

Rep range 6-12

Rep Load 60-85%

Rest 30-90 Seconds

Training for Power

Rep range 1-6

Rep Load 85%

Rest 2-5 Min

Training for Endurance

Rep range 12-20

Rep Load >60%

Rest >30 Seconds

Quality lifting

  • Good form
  • Controlled movement (no cheating)
  • Mental connection
  • Eccentric work

Phases of Muscle Growth

5 Power

4 Strength

3 Hypertrophy 

2 Endurance

1 Stabilization endurance

Most fitness programs follow this periodized workout plan over several weeks before incorporating intensity methods. Staying on a planned course is the most effective way to continually gain progress instead of trying different techniques every day. For an in-depth look at how different techniques cause adaptations give christianbosse a read.