$5 Secrets You Should Know

Guys, with 2019 right around the corner you should level up your skills. With all the tools and knowledge available there is no way you should let pain get in your way. If you’re like me and you don’t like to take pain pills then I’ve got your fix. Unlike pills, therapy is not an overnight fix. This is a gradual positive change that does work.

Joint Pain

If you experience knee, ankle or elbow pain it could be a number of things. The main reoccurring issue people have is a buildup of scar tissue that can easily be fixed with a floss band. Simply wrap the band around your joint at %50 stretch and move it through a range of motion. A floss band also doubles as a rotator cuff warm-up band.

Back Pain

Foam rolling was once looked down on as voodoo but has since shown great scientific evidence to support use. Foam rolling has proven to promote blood flow and break down scar tissue. It is believed to help maintain muscle length, reduce soreness, increase range of motion, and speed recovery. The technique is called myofascial release. Basically, this means relaxed muscles, more blood flow/ nutrients, and faster recovery. Next year you’ll end up with hundreds of hours of self-massage which saves you time, money and pain. 

Trigger points

Trigger points “knots” are caused by mental stress, over-use, injury or posture. Untreated trigger points can last forever, and cause “referred” pain or numbness in other general areas. This can cause a loss of range of motion which leads to imbalances. Getting creative and finding new angles to roll out muscles can cause a release of built-up tension. Usually, this is the fastest, most-effective but painful way to go about it.

Tens Therapy

This little tool is like a pocket massage therapist. For around $30 this gadget is a must-have for any athlete. Nothing is better than after a long leg workout hooking up my legs and back to one of these units. With that being said this is still mainly a recovery device and should be used alongside preventative measures. This way we aren’t just treating the symptoms but also the causes.


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